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AAPS Contents

General Infomation
license Agreements
Technical Support/Live training sessions
Registering APS Products
How To ...
Create New Company
Create New Financial Year
Editing Statement of Accounts
Create New Cost Center
Create New Balance Sheet Group
Open Company Data
Logg Off
Create New Journal Entry
Create New Reciept&Payment Vouchers
DeActivate Closed Year
Posting Vouchers
Use Retained Earnings
Close a Period
General Ledger
Statement of Account
Trial Balance
Profit and Loss Account
Balance Sheet
Main Reports
Financial Reports
Passing the TAccount,Profit&Loss Figures
Handling Accounts
Making Tree of Accounts
Creating New Account
Adjusting Accounts Options
Data Base Knowledge
Using APS example data
Closed Year Def
Installing APS over NetWork
Internal Supervisor Password
Live Update Wizard
Installing APS over web server
Import Wizard
Using Currencies
Using template for chart of accounts
APS Security system
Changing Application Language
Designing and printing cheques
Using magnifier
Aging Reports
Using Advanced Search